How To Use Speaker Discord Phone

Phones TVs Laptops Cars You just fire up Discord, use your existing contact list, and drop into a call. It’s that simplicity that made Discord easy to recommend on our list of the best chat […]

How To Use Lidocaine Viscous 2 Oral Solution

Lidocaine Viscous 2% (Lidocaine Hydrochloride Oral Topical Solution USP) Rx only A topical anesthetic for the mucous membranes of the mouth and pharynx. WARNING: Life-threatening and fatal events in infants and young children Postmarketing cases of seizures, cardiopulmonary arrest, and death in patients under the age of 3 years have been reported with use of Lidocaine Viscous 2% when it … […]

How To Use Nu Skin Galvanic Body Spa

For optimal results, use your ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa with ageLOC Body Shaping Gel once a day three days a week on thighs, arms, buttocks and/or abdomen. Read through the owners manual completely before starting your galvanic treatment. COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS ageLOC Body Shaping Gelformulated to work exclusively with Nu Skin Galvanic Spa instruments to bring ageLOC […]

How To Wear Doc Martens Womens

Dr Martens makes styles for women that are made in sizes 3UK-9UK. Not all styles being sold as "women's" were specifically made as a women's style, but were made as part of a "unisex" style. Why is it important to know if you are buying a women's or a unisex style? A unisex style is wider so men can wear … […]

How To Set Up New Iphone As Old Phone

For that, we’ve prepared a separate guide on how to setup a new iPhone from an iTunes backup. You’ll need to have a Mac or PC and sync cable handy for that method. You’ll need to have a Mac or PC and sync cable handy for that method. […]

How To Tell Sex Of Praying Mantis

4/07/2017 · Identify the gender of your praying mantis first - the female has six segments on her underside while the male has eight. If a female is mated, she can produce several egg cases (ootheca), and it may eat the male (and be aware that un-mated females will probably still lay eggs, they just won't hatch). Be prepared for nursery duty if you catch or mate a female mantis. She will grow a big belly […]

How To Eat When Doing Physical Work In Heat

As a result, a portion of endothermic heat energy input into a system is not deposited as internal energy, but is returned to the surroundings as expansion work. Take for example a 1.00 mole sample of argon gas having a molar constant pressure heat capacity of 20.79 J/( o C mole) which fills a balloon at STP (standard temperature and pressure of 0.00 o C and 1.00 atm pressure). […]

How To Write A Resume For A Minister

According to, a minister is a person how leads or conducts worship and other faith-based activities. A children’s minister is considered a part of the clergy. A resume for a children’s minister should highlight the spiritual credentials as well as their education in the field. […]

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency

If you are serious about launching a social media agency, take the time to learn the various networks before you engage with any clients. There is a great deal of information available for free on social media best practices, so yes, you can learn about social media and be knowledgeable enough to help others. […]

How To Use Cornstarch To Thicken Pie Filling

22/01/2010 · Tapioca – Use tapioca flour, not granules to thicken things up. The granules take a while to fully hydrate and you could wind up with weird grit in your pie and have the filling still be runny. Instead use tapioca flour or use a blender to pulverize tapioca granules. Read the back of the package to find out how much you should add per cup of fruit. Mix the tapioca with the other filling […]

How To Use Vlookup In Excel Worksheet

This article will assume that the reader already has a passing understanding of Excel functions, and can use basic functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, and TODAY. In its most common usage, VLOOKUP is a database function, meaning that it works with database tables or more simply, lists of things in an Excel worksheet. […]

How To Do Php Sing

15/09/2018 · Perhaps you have learned the basics of writing PHP scripts. But sometimes your code may be long and repetitive. PHP functions are a flexible and easy way to consolidate code. This tutorial will you teach the basics of PHP functions. (Note:... […]

How To Use Routes In Oziexplorer

Q: Can I plan routes on my Mac or PC then download for offline use in Mud Map 2 Yes, use the free online route planning tool on our website to create your routes. Routes are saved to your account and can be downloaded by Mud Map 2 for offline use. […]

Ricoh Xr-10 How To Use

Ricoh XR-1s SLR Camera Instruction Owners Manual Booklet Must for the Ricoh XR-1s owner, sold in good original condition. couple of dog ears and marks from normal use, booklet is complete and good condition for its age. […]

How To Use Excel To Compute Correlation

For you to make appropriate correlation calculation, it is important to have two different columns. It makes it easier to know if there is any correlation between them. We are going to use unit price and quantity of sold units to determine if there is any correlation between them. […]

How To See Whos Using Your Internet

On your device, open an internet browser and type into the address bar From the main screen under Local Network, youll see which devices are connected to your […]

How To Start Bringer Of The Light Quest

29/08/2014 · Pick a zone to start in and choose a location to investigate for the NPC's. If nothing is at the first location, move to the next spot. If nothing is there move to the next spot. If there are no NPC's at any of the locations, move to the next zone. […]

How To Stay Resilient Through Tough Times

6/06/2016 When it comes to getting goals in health and wellness (and in life in general), expect having easy days and tough days. Success isn't just a smooth progress chat where the line goes straight from […]

How To Minimise Risk Of Drug Use At Party

Kids and Substance Abuse Why Kids Use Drugs Stages and Warning Signs of Substance Abuse Reducing the Risk for Substance Abuse What if a Drug Problem Has Already Developed? Drug abuse is so widespread in our culture that you cannot expect to isolate your child from exposure to […]

How To Stop Some Xbox One Games

The Xbox One can broadcast your gameplay on Microsoft’s own Mixer service, but it also lets you broadcast on Twitch. Twitch streaming just requires some quick setup the first time you do it. Twitch is the most popular service for game streaming, and it offers the largest community of viewers, so […]

How To Use Elmo Visual Presenter

Elmo Visual Presenter - A camera system scans your originals and creates sharp images which, using a standard projector, can be projected on any white surface. […]

How To Set Up An Arma 3 Server

The smoothest up times of servers that I’ve ever seen and super fast support for technical issues. I simply cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking for a game/voice server hosting services. I simply cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking for a game/voice server hosting services. […]

How To Write The Introduction Of An Experimental Report

Introduction. A key part of the scientific process is communication of original results to others so that one's discoveries are passed along to the scientific community and the public for awareness and scrutiny. 1–3 Communication to other scientists ensures that new findings become part of a growing body of publicly available knowledge that […]

Multistix 10 Sg How To Use

urinalysis strips (e.g., Multistix® 10 SG) can be used with the analyzer as well as the Clinitest hCG Pregnancy Test. The analyzer can be set up to be as simple or sophisticated as you prefer. You may simply insert a dipped urinalysis strip or a Clinitest cassette into the analyzer and the result will be reported (this is called a Quick Test). Or, you have the option to enter an Operator Name […]

How To Make A Twin Flame Relationship Work

19/05/2014 · I wish to share the following excerpt brilliantly written by Mary Dunlop about the Twin Flame Reunion. This piece truly resonated with me and it was also a confirmation by Spirit to me about my understanding of the Twin Flame Reunion and Relationship and how it begins. […]

How To Wear Wide Leg Trousers

I f you haven't got a body like a 22-year-old indie pin-up (eg, anyone who cycles, runs or, well, eats) then the truth is: you don't have the body for skinny jeans. […]

How To Train A Dog To Sleep In A Kennel

How To Train A Puppy To Sleep In Kennel - Dog Training Reviews Pets Vero Beach Pet Training Best Behavior Pet Do you want to train your pets? Enroll your companions and yourself to the pet training classes of Best Behavior Pet Training, LLC in Vero Beach, FL.. […]

How To Tell If Someoe Was Last Online

At the moment there doesn’t appear to be a way to tell if users or offline or online. The lack of clear indicators on the friends list has been an annoyance to many users on all versions of Hangouts. Hopefully Google will fix this problem with an update in the future. […]

How To Use The Sentry Gun In Unturned

Gun is custom, dont ask me what gun it is in unturned. (if I can figure out how im gonna make it into a mod) (if I can figure out how im gonna make it into a mod) Btw you can use the new intakes as gun … […]

How To Tell Your Kid

Do not underestimate how long your children will remember that moment. A House DividedWhich Children to Tell Parents sometimes tell the oldest child first, and shelter the youngest child. […]

How To Stop Icloud Storage Full Notification

However, since your iCloud storage is full, youre going to get the message Not Enough Storage. If you dont want your device to backup at all, you can toggle the switch that says iCloud Backup. If you want to backup your device with iTunes, this would be a good reason to switch off the iCloud backup. Option 1: Pay for More iCloud Storage. If you click Change Storage Plan […]

How To Use Giga Hoop On Janome 350e

Lisa, I have a beautiful Janome 350e, and the good news is - 'yes' you can use the giga hoop. You'll need a program such as Janome Customiser to combine the designs together. When you save the combined design it saves it as 2 designs i.e. […]

How To Close A Sell

3. Sell off all inventory left after your official closing date and post-closing event through a business-to-business liquidation auction or sale. […]

How To Make Windows 8 Start Icons Smaller

Well, Windows offers a cool feature to rescale the icons and texts on the desktop to a more reasonable dimension according to your requirements. Doing this task in Windows 8 is quite simple. Doing this task in Windows 8 is quite simple. […]

How To Stop The Urge To Smoke Crack

Really want to quit, use nicotine chewing gums to replace cigarette. After 2 months, switch to regular gum. First don't go out with friends or hang out with people who smoke. Secondly keep enough stock of nicotine chewing gum so that you don't […]

How To Do A Broken U Turn Step By Step

To do this, you need to turn the tired of the rear axle in reverse to wind the excess string. While doing this, it will get to a point where you need to set the arm bar in place, (activating the mousetrap), to wind up all of the string slack. mousetrap car in action. Step 5. Your mousetrap is now set and you are done. Well almost done. The mousetrap car is complete and now all you need to do […]

How To Set Up An Offshore Bank Account

24/07/2012 · Adam Davidson uses his NYT Magazine column to weigh in on the subject of offshore tax havens this week, and delivers something very peculiar. His initial conceit is reminiscent of Dennis Berman’s attempts to set himself up as a pre-IPO Facebook investor, only without the deceit: […]

How To Use Kose Sekkisei Lotion

Find out if the Kose Sekkisei Cream is good for you! Read reviews, see the full ingredient list and find out if the notable ingredients are good or bad for your skin concern! Learn more with Skincarisma today Find out if the Kose Sekkisei Cream is good for you! Read reviews, see the full ingredient list and find out if the notable ingredients are good or bad for your skin concern! Learn more […]

How To Use Tow Hitch In My Summer Car

24/11/2006 · Custom Trailer Hitch they were too far away to use my car, and I couldn't coordinate getting anyone closer to them to do it. This summer I got an email from somebody who had just bought an A3, desperately needed a hitch, and had seen one of my hitch-related postings on the AudiWorld forums. Joe and I began collaborating on the design - he's an engineer and drafts metal parts in CAD … […]

How To Use Shared_ptr

How to: Create and Use shared_ptr Instances. The shared_ptr type is a smart pointer in the C++ standard library that is designed for scenarios in which more than one owner might have to manage the lifetime of the object in memory. […]

How To Take The Battery Out From One Plus Smartphone

If possible remove the battery and cut all power to the device. If your phone is designed with a non-removable battery then power the phone off. Do this as quickly as you can. Electricity and moisture do not bode well with one another and when it comes to cell phones you want to try to avoid any unnecessary electrical shorts as this could lead to permanently damaging your phone and its […]

How To Start A Credit Rating Business

Let's start by talking about your business credit score. Business credit scores range on a scale from 0 to 100 with 75 or more considered an excellent rating. Personal credit scores, on the other […]

Combat Roach Bait How To Use

13/09/2008 The roachs crawl up ramps to get to the bait and have to cross a fine layer of African ground pepper, they then lose the ability to cling to a smooth surface and fall into a catchment area and are trapped. They soon then die from dehydration. […]

How To Use Garnier Dry Shampoo

If you are looking for the best dry shampoo for fine hair, try Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo Sec for Fine or Flat Hair. This dry shampoo is invisible which means that, once applied to your hair, there are no residues for you to worry about. This hair product can help revive and refresh your dull and fine hair so that it will look amazing even without washing. You […]

How To Tell Pinion Pitch

14/07/2011 In a rack and pinion setup, how to you calculate the amount the rack is displaced in one revolution of the gear that engages with it? In my case, 20 pitch rack/gear. 20 Teeth on the gear 1.000 Pitch […]

How To Train Your Rabbit To Be Held

Biting. Remember: Yes, bunnies can get mad. And a mad bunny can grunt, box, and, in a few circumstances, bite. No matter how badly your bunny behaves, it is never a good idea to try to physically discipline your rabbit. […]

How To Write An Introduction To A Fiction Book

TAG Publishings Write Your Book in 30 Days! This article will give you a very good understanding of all the elements that go into writing a non-fiction self-help book. This formula has been well known in the industry for literally decades, and we have taken that formula and broken it down for you into a series of action steps that are easy and simple to follow. This will help you start the […]

How To Turn Off Screen Timeout

Console lock display off timeout is the amount of minutes Windows will wait idle with no activity while on the lock screen before timing out and automatically turning off the display. This setting is not available for configuration but can be turned on. Since this setting is tied to a specific user account, it will only work after logging in and not after startup. […]

How To Write A Report For An Artwork

How to Write an Analytical Report. While studying a specific subject matter, you have to be aware that there are certain items that you need to take into account for you to come up with an output that is highly-usable and beneficial for those who intend to use it. The factors that can affect the efficiency and usability of your study are also the same factors that can impact the content of the […]

How To Use The Lancer Method

Using this method we can do many fun things. E.g. we can create a server (or a distributed system), which will store all messages sent to all users. This makes possible for Alice to send a message […]

How To Transition From Swim To Bike In Triathlon

However, the bike to run transition is just one instance where triathletes must switch between muscle groups. What about the transition from the swim to bike? This is often neglected in transition and brick training with people devoting more time to the transition from bike to run. […]

How To Use Icing Sugar For Cake Decoration

For decorating the iced cake, roll out the fondant ice on an icing sugar dusted surface and use snowflake cutters to cut different sizes and shapes. You can also use other shape cutter like star shaped cutters. Moisten the back of each of the star or snowflake with water and gently stick to the cake. Dust the cake with edible luster or glitter and you can give a final finish to the cake by […]

How To Use Pkhex For Sun And Moon

Pokémon Sun and Moon Players Busted After 'Glitch' Turns Out To It is a very specific glitch that occurs for people who utilize PKHeX, a popular save editing program used to cheat within the […]

How To Use Onedrive To Share Files

To get embed code, open OneDrive and open the file folder and then select the file you want to share. And then, right-click mouse on the file. From the options, click on the “Embed” (see the picture below). […]

How To Tell If Canned Pineapple Is Bad

16/11/2018 · You can drink pineapple juice or eat the fruit without damaging your liver. Keep the following points in mind to be protected. Keep the following points in mind to be protected. Look for the amount of manganese in the food you eat or your daily manganese intake will exceed safe limits. […]

Grandstream Phones How To Use

Most of the Grandstream phones feature programmable keys called MPK (Multi-Purpose Keys). They can be programmed for several things: BLF (Busy Lamp Field), which can show the status of other phones on your system, speed dial any number, and do one-button transfers. […]

How To Spend Less Money On Weed

12 hours ago · ALBANY — Efforts to legalize marijuana for recreational use in New York are gaining steam, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo predicts a bill will pass this year. […]

How To Set An Appointment Through Phone

We’re here to help you get set up and connected. From there, it connects through to your phone sockets using the existing copper network to connect you to the nbn network. Find out more . Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) Optical Fibre leading to a small node in the telecommunications pit or mounted to the pole outside your premises. From the node, a copper telephone cable delivers the service to […]

How To Start A Mail Forwarding Business

Ensure your important mail follows you to your new address. Use Mail Forwarding when you move or temporarily relocate to a new address. You can forward your personal or business mail from your Canadian address to anywhere in the world. […]

How To Support A Friend Whos Boyfriend Is Suicidal

Assure her of your love and support Much as youd like to make all her suffering go away with the right words, her grief and loss wont disappear after one conversation. Assure her of your friendship. […]

How To Wear Denim Skirts Knee Length

DetailsA denim mini skirt featuring allover distressing, classic QUICK VIEW WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead and/or phthalates, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. […]

How To See Sims Woohoo Sims 4

ArtUrlWWW Pregnancy Mega Mod also provides you Same Sex pregnancy and Teen Woohoo functional functional! Your same-sex couples will be able to do Woohoo and they also will be able to have children! Toilet Take pregnancy tet option is also available to use for same-sex couples. […]

How To Turn Off Nintendo Switch On Tv

The power state matching is off on the switch as well as the hdmi cec setting on the tv, makes no difference, the switch randomly sends a signal to the tv every now and again, guess it may be the internet on the switch checking for updates, maybe it needs to enter a power state that powers on the hdmi to do that? I dunno. […]

How To Sell My Bonds

The purchase of bonds depends first of all on the value of the bonds you are purchasing, i.e. whether it is Rs 10 lakhs or below. If the value is Rs 10 lakhs and above, you need to trade in the Wholesale Debt Market (WDM) of NSE or BSE. […]

How To Show Unconditional Love To Your Child

10/02/2017 Do you ever feel annoyed by your childs behaviors? Do you find yourself wishing you could change something about them? These challenges can interfere with y... […]

How To Support A Partner With Sexual Problems

National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service 1800 RESPECT (200 526) WIRE Free information, support and referrals for women Tel. 1300 134 130; Work through the issues When you choose to acknowledge your feelings, you can then take steps to resolve the problem as quickly and calmly as possible: Admit that you are angry and let your partner know how you feel by … […]

How To Get Set In Ink Stains Out Of Jeans

You've been blessed with the knowledge of how to get stains out of white jeans. Yank those suckers out of the back of the closet. Unearth them from the clothing mountain on your bedroom floor. Steal them back from your sister. Put them on and wear them without fear, because you're basically invincible now. […]

How To Write An Email Sending Your Cv

The best way to submit a CV by email is to follow the instructions in a specific job posting. It is important to read the posting carefully so that one understands the instructions. […]

Meguiars Quick Detailer How To Use

The search for the perfect quick detail spray is perhaps an endless pursuit. A “quick detailer” can mean many different things to many different people. Personally, I don’t use QD sprays for cleaning as I find rinse less washing to be more effective and it feels more safe, so I prefer to […]

How To Start A Low Maintenance Garden

By Nikki Tilley (Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden) You dont need a lot of space to start a pollinator garden; in fact, with only a few pots of flowers, you can attract beneficial creatures such as bees and butterflies to the area. […]

How To Stop A Tap Leaking From The Top

24/10/2012 Your cistern supply tap is leaking, just like a dripping tap so it is filling up the cistern and overflowing out of the overflow pipe. Where you have detached the inlet valve from is still connected to the leaking tap so is still filling up. […]

Wikihow How To Do Butterfly Swim Stroke

You have come to the right place! I have taken butterfly swimming technique and broken it down into its separate parts. That way, you will have a clearer picture of what you should be doing at each stage of the stroke. […]

How To Set Watermark In Picasa

To apply a watermark using Picasa, follow these steps: Click the Text button in the Commonly Needed Fixes tab (the one with a wrench on it). Choose a font, choose a size, and set a level of transparency. Click in the image and type the text you want to add. Click and drag the text to move it as needed. Click the Apply button. […]

Racism How To Stop It

Anti-racism includes beliefs, actions, movements, and policies adopted or developed to oppose racism. According to the Anti-racism Digital Library […]

How To Use Fx 991es Plus

11/08/2017 · The values of variables X, Y, Z can be easily calculated. View this video for more information.To change the Mode of the casio fx-991ms follow the following steps- click the Mode botton for 3 times select the (EQN-1) option select the unknown s and do the . Today Ill tell you how to .Demonstration of the use of the Casio fx-991ES […]

How To Write Inshallah Zakir Naik

debate with zakir naik not ban zakir naik Yesterday I read a new report which very openly blamed an Indian Muslim preacher and televangelist Dr.Zakir Naik (President of the Is... MASTURBATION... […]

How To Turn Photographs Into Albums

By Peter Weverka . Photo album is just PowerPoint 2016s term for inserting many photographs into a presentation all at once. You dont necessarily have to stuff the photo album with travel or baby pictures for it to be a proper photo album. […]

How To Set Invoice Reminders In Xero

Xero allows you to set up invoice reminders simply and easily. This feature can send out reminders at intervals that suit you and your customers. This feature can send out reminders at intervals that suit you and your customers. […]

How To Use The Wolfenstein 2 Enigma Machine

Wolfenstein 2 is set in world where the Nazis won BJ can use the base's Enigma machine to unlock extra assassination missions. These side missions lend a grander sense of gravity the game. BJ […]

How To Turn Off Fire Alarm

Fire alarm tech here- fire department will always come. They have to. If it's being monitored and the account is not in "test mode" then they are required to check it out. […]

How To Solve Hard Disk Problem

The main one is that, every 5 minutes or so, a window pops up that says Windows detected a hard disk problem It goes on to say Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss, and then […]

How To Work Out Straight Linedepreciation

Straight line depreciation is the most commonly used and straightforward depreciation method Depreciation Expense Depreciation expense is used to reduce the value of plant, property, and equipment to match its use, and wear and tear over time. […]

How To Train Your Dragon Show Order

ABOUT THE SHOW Rating: Length: 450 Hiccup forms a secret “Dragon Flight Club”, in order to train the kids to defend against Alvin. Episode 2. The Iron Gronckle. When Meatlug begins producing a type of iron more powerful than anything Berk has ever seen, the oft‐neglected Fishlegs becomes the most popular man in town. Episode 3. The Night and the Fury. The kids go on a dragon survival […]

How To Use Breast Milk Shells

A mother may also merely want to produce more breast milk in order to build up a supply for her freezer for later use. In either of these situations, a woman may need some help getting the boost in production that she is looking to obtain. […]

Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion Ex How To Use

Sulwhasoos essential lotion softens skin texture, providing rich moisture to leave skin dewy and smooth. This fluid lotion leaves soft, supple skin. Schizophyllum commune ingredient softens and refines skin texture to make skin look more clarified. Smooth, soft finish . Spreads easily over the skins surface and absorbs completely, leaving it soft and supple. How to use. Use day and night […]

How To Stop Programs From Opening On Startup Vista

4/11/2013 · Question: Q: How do I stop programs opening on startup More Less. Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations captured in an … […]

How To Use Stuffed Hamburger Press

Use the little center piece of the press to make a indention to one side of the patty. Add cheese or any other filling you might have. Add cheese or any other filling you might have. 0 Comment Comment […]

How To Use My Dvd For Pinnacle Ultimate 21

If you have an install disc: Insert your Pinnacle Studio 16 disc into the DVD drive. The DVD should auto-launch.If it does not, use Windows Explorer to browse to the DVD. Look In the Setup folder, click on the setup.exe file to begin the installation. […]

How To Teach Kids Good Manners

Wed all love if our kids had good manners right away, but it doesnt happen often. Kids dont know yet whats polite and not polite. Its up to the adults to show them. […]

How To Stop Windows Server Backup

The backup starts and you can hide the progress box or stop the backup at any time if you need to. The amount of time it takes to backup will vary depending on the amount of data being backup. When it has successfully completed, you can close out of the Backup Now screen. […]

How To Take Home Broad Band With You When Trab

With Aussie Broadband + Fetch you now have access to everything you want to watch in one place. You supply the TV, and we’ll provide the box and the home broadband. Turn it on and you’re done. […]

How To Open Titan Watch

1/11/2013 · I actually managed to close the Titan door, but then a few seconds later I hear BOOM and the bike in the Titan exploded and I had to pay the insurance for it. My Titan was going down and then it flew into the water and sank. […]

How To Tell If A Friendly Guy Likes You

19/05/2017 · Everything you need on how to make a guy fall for you is in my guides and videos. Don’t worry about men pulling away or losing interest. I show you how to get a guy to like you again. I show you […]

How To Work A Budget Worksheet

Step. Print out three copies of the budget worksheet. Step. Look over the categories of spending listed on the printable worksheet and brainstorm any additional categories in which you spend. […]

How To Stay Safe In Mexico City

In Mexico City, use the better regulated ‘sitio’ taxis from authorised cab ranks or ask your hotel concierge to order you a taxi. At airports, use only authorised pre-paid airport taxi services. […]

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